Research interests

  • Hydrologic modelling
  • Calculations for ungauged basins
  • Short-term runoff forecasting
  • Machine learning for hydrology
  • Land surface – Atmosphere interactions
  • SWAP model
  • Climate change assessment
  • Water resources under changing conditions

Current Research

  • ANN-based SWAP model parameters regionalization technique implementation to ungauged basins on Russian part of the Arctic
  • Rainfall-runoff hydrological modelling using state-of-art data-driven machine learning techniques

Teaching experience

  • Machine learning in hydrology (lecture for graduate students), youtube
  • Quickstart in data-driven hydrological modelling using machine learning techniques, github


  • WoS-indexed publications can be viewed in my Orcid page
  • All another stuff in my RG page


  • Ph.D., 2014: Institute of Water Problems, Moscow, Russia
  • M.S., 2011: Department of Hydrology, Geographical Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia


  • Open Science: open data, free software, reproducible research
  • I believe in the victory of scientists over officials
  • Harder work stronger results
  • Memento Mori